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Yining Airport Tries To Use Air Model Dummy To Drive Birds
- Oct 12, 2018 -

In order to prevent bird damage and reduce the number of bird activities in the control area of the flight area, Yining Airport has tried to introduce air model dummy to drive away birds, in addition to using drive, rolling, mowing, insecticide, planting lavender and other ways to drive away insects and birds.

The air dummy is mainly composed of two parts, the inflatable model and the fan, and the height can reach 5 meters. During the flight, the staff of Yining Airport put the pneumatic dummy into the area where the birds are more active, switched on the equipment, and the pneumatic dummy danced wildly in the air under the action of the blower, and observed the birds startle on the spot. The effect of repelling birds is obvious and the maneuverability is more flexible. At present, it is still in the experimental stage. Airport staff will evaluate the bird repelling effect and energy consumption cost of the equipment, and finally determine the introduction of air-model dummy bird repelling.

Aiming at the current situation of frequent bird activities in Yining Airport, a bird net was set up in Yining Airport, and the frequency and intensity of bird repellent equipment were increased.