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To Achieve Incredible Speed
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Inflatable kayaking is ideal for water transport, because all of their basic advantages include: lightness, stability and buoyancy. Unlike conventional hard-shell ships, they are easily transported on land. Use a special rubber band bonding or hot sticking on both sides, the airbag will not damage or bump into your body and carry things.

Inflatable kayaks are easier to store than traditional hard-shell ships. When the gas is released and folded into its carrying bag, the volume is only 50*30*15cm and weighs about 20kg. At this size, you can see that the inflatable kayak is easily incorporated into the locker, or closet. They are also very handy to take vacations anywhere, even in ordinary small cars.

The inflatable tires have a smooth surface and less resistance in the water, so they can reach incredible speeds at a certain velocity. Comparison of similar wood or metal ship effects was impressive. Inflatable kayaks can be easily manipulated in narrow streams or rivers under complex water conditions.