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The Water Outside The Equipment Should Also Be Handled Cleanly
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Recently, many customers consult inflatable trampoline, Xiaobian found that most customers are most concerned about is a question: how to maintain inflatable trampoline? Snowy weather in the rain, and when not in need of storage? The following series to teach you a few maintenance inflatable trampoline correct steps.

1. First of all to cut off the power, open the fan interface and exhaust port, exhaust time is generally 10-25 minutes, the remaining gas is artificial extrusion. If you catch rainy days, the device may be into the water, be sure to double-check, if the water, drain the water and dry.

2. If the inspection equipment is not water, the water outside the device should be handled clean, and do cleaning, washing powder can be used to stains, grease wipe, and then wipe clean with water, dry in the sun can be.

3. The device is folded, with the bottom of the fold to stop the front, then cover it with tarpaulin. If not for a long time, the clean equipment folded, bundled, packaged. Storage temperature is generally minus 50 degrees Celsius to zero on the 40 degrees Celsius is best. 

In addition, there are some precautions when using the inflatable trampoline:

1. Like most children's inflatable toys, inflatable trampoline also has a useful life, in order to ensure the equipment can reach the normal life expectancy, to control the number of children to play. Playground equipment, play equipment in to remind you, in general, the best number of inflatable trampoline operation is every 3 square meters have a child.

2. Children play, you can not let the children with hard objects on the device doodle, so as not to damage. Small decorative device on the role of decoration, can not let children pull hard, hard tear, so as not to damage.

3. In case of equipment damage, the damaged parts and spare PVC materials are coated with a special glue until glue is not sticky after 5 minutes, the glue, squeeze properly, a few minutes can be used. If you have a large area of non-normal damage, you can contact us for professional maintenance services.

4. The pressure on the device is too soft, check whether there is too much air leaks, tear holes, or power failure; pressure is too hard, it is necessary to block the fan inlet.