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The Inflatable Slide Is Soft
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Under the age of 3 must have parents or guardian care, otherwise not allowed on the inflatable slide;

Do not wear jewelry when training or exercising on a large inflatable slide. Because once the body loses balance when leaping, it is easy to hurt yourself. Also need to be careful not to have long nails, because sometimes the body loses balance, so it is easy to cause nails broken, and then hurt themselves. When the body loses balance pay attention to both hands posture, avoid rebound damage.

Limit children in the inflatable slide to push people, chasing each other, inflatable slides are soft, the collision between children will also cause harm. Because the inflatable slides are basically children, young children involved, in order to children's health, so large inflatable slides are rejected adults.

In order to ensure that your equipment to achieve normal service life, in the inflatable slide when the pressure is full can not participate in too many children play. Generally in the establishment of a facility to accommodate 3 square meters of a child. The small modelling of the facility decorates the function, cannot let the child hard pull, hard tear or even graffiti behavior, lest damage.