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Prevent Inflatable Water Park Safety Problems
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Summer inflatable water park business is very explosive, it is obvious to all, but behind the investors are more troubled by a problem that is how to make their own inflatable water park, water slide more durable it. In addition to select the product to grasp the quality of time, choose good quality, fine workmanship products, but also need to know some of the correct use of this point is absolutely not to be overlooked.

The first is the most basic condition is that the ground must be smooth and regular floor, be sure to inflate the equipment on the ground, but the ground must be relatively smooth surface, to avoid scratching or puncturing some sharp items, you can Apply a thick layer of insulation to the floor to increase damage to the inflatable play equipment.

Followed by the safe use of electricity in this regard, must be in accordance with the provisions of the country, do not feel how easy it is to come, or else the time to harm but oh. At the same time, be sure to check the children's water slides fan will appear loose phenomenon, or is there any odor, if normal, then continue to connect the power, timely inspection and timely repair.

Third, for newer inflatable water park, water slides basically do not have to worry about the problem of air leaks, but in the beginning, it is suggested that according to the degree of hardware and software of the equipment itself, a part of the fan port can be tapped Later, according to the situation can be set again.

Finally, it is in the closed garden when the big inspection, the problems that will occur to carry out some troubleshooting to prevent trouble when the problem occurs, although the product is relatively large, but not only the appropriate inspection can be extended use of equipment time , But also to prevent the emergence of safety problems inflatable water park.