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Origin Of Inflatable Model
- Oct 09, 2018 -

From the origin of the gas model, I am afraid that many people are still not familiar with it, and they do not know much about it. So, what is a gas model? Is it born in China? The answer is even less clear, but you may feel more familiar with the arches that are used in two lines of the street every day. Yes, the pneumatic arch used for activities in the street is actually a variety of gas models we call. Gas model, also known as inflatable model, is a new media introduced from abroad in the mid-1980s. Its predecessor is believed to have originated from a large number of cartoons and cartoons produced in the US. Because the animation and cartoon images in the film are vivid and lovely, many teenagers and children learn to imitate the object, therefore, this will soon be seen by some smart advertisers. Advertiser Tomsen is the earliest in the United States to engage in inflatable cartoon production "founder". At first, he let his workers according to the animated "Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse" in a few or Splash cute animal cartoon models to try to make some cartoon models to promote children's products, did not expect this new form of publicity soon. It is accepted by many advertisers. "American Denis Park" is a pioneer of Tomsen Advertising Company. Now, American Denis Park is only in the United States, and its annual revenue is more than $1 billion. In China's Shanghai, the value of its creation every year is also astonishing, which makes the advertising industry look alike. In the 1990s, with the accelerated pace of reform and opening up, this form of propaganda was introduced into China. This brand-new advertising media, the biggest feature and advantage is to foil the atmosphere, that is, what we often call "momentum". In the process of brand building and promotion has an irreplaceable role in advertising, it is easy to form a grand and lively event scene. Its appearance enlarges people's limitless imagination of products, arouses people's curiosity, provokes people's desire for shopping, brings strong visual impact and relaxed and pleasant atmosphere to people, deepens people's understanding of product image and brand, and plays a better role by displaying lifelike, tall and vivid shapes. Publicity effect. In addition, from the point of view of business investment, gas model products are "rented without being bought and not expensive". If a business advertises on television, newspapers, radio, magazines and the Internet, it costs at least three or four thousand yuan a month. What's more, most of the advertising invested in these media lacks creativity, which makes people forget what they've seen and don't have a deep impression. For gas models, if a merchant orders a 20-metre-high "bottle" model and blows it up with a blower in a commercial or downtown area where residents are concentrated, his influence is far greater than that of other media. Purchase of this product model of the gas mold, merchants only need to pay a one-time cost of more than 1,000 yuan, and from the life of the gas mold, the normal use of the case, generally also need to spend 2-3 years, merchants only pay a few cents a day on average. Therefore, the use of model as a best vehicle for publicity, will gradually become a wise choice for businesses, there is a "catch-up" to catch up with other media.