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Lifelike, Tall And Vivid Shape
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Gas mold is also called inflatable products, is the the mid 1990s in the domestic only to appear in a new advertising media, its biggest feature is the momentum. In the establishment of brand and promotional process has an irreplaceable role in advertising, easy to form a grand lively activity scene. Its appearance, enlarge people to the product of infinite imagination, arouse people's curiosity, tease people's shopping desire, through the display image lifelike, tall vivid modelling, bring people strong visual impact and relaxed happy atmosphere, deepen people to product image and brand understanding, play a better publicity effect.

Gas mold in the wedding celebrations, the company opened a celebration, etc. played a great role! China's various opening ceremonies, new product launches, product promotions, business exhibitions, wedding birthdays are endless, a variety of Chinese and foreign festivals such as: Spring Festival, National Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas, telecommunications day, environmental protection day, and so on, almost every week, there are buildings open, building completion, groundbreaking ceremony, project completion, etc., contains unlimited business opportunities. This arch, gas column, cartoon and other gas-mode products is an important role, gas mode can not only create a solemn and enthusiastic atmosphere of activity, but also on the gas model to post conspicuous advertising. Statistics show that: China's annual consumption of all kinds of products to promote and celebrate hundreds of millions of of the capital, from the actual consumption in recent years, gas mode consumption presents an increasing trend of development.