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Use inertia and gravity, so that the ball in a certain slope, down to play it
- Jan 31, 2018 -

You wave the ball, also known as the New Zealand You wave ball, is a diameter of 3 meters, 1.8 meters in diameter, a huge double ball, before playing with the fan filled with air, take the drill into the Department with the help of staff tied safety equipment. Use inertia and gravity, so that the ball in a certain slope, down to play it.

You wave ball can be in the grass, snow, land, water can play. You wave ball playing in the West, special hi, Australia, the United States, Switzerland, New Zealand and other places with it! You can think about it, under the blue sky and white clouds, there are a lot of green areas, rolling in the green, nature and free to play in the project when combined, what kind of feeling! That simply can not be compared. Good mood in a good environment, under the blue sky and white feel and experience the beauty of heaven and earth, this feeling is really great.

 The sense of excitement you have when rolling your roll is some of your favorite items when you are thrilled and fresh, and you feel like you're forgetting yourself, enjoying freedom, forgetting everything, having a different Feel the experience and reflection. of course. Play You wave ball there are many precautions, suffering from heart disease, hypertension is not easy to participate in tourists under 1.5 meters tall and under 12 years of age children can not participate. Old people over the age of 55 can not participate. It is best not to overweight people who are too heavy. If you play in the case of physical discomfort, the ball stopped moving, rest in place for a while, and then out. Play time. Do not bring sharp items in your pocket to avoid unnecessary injury. Windy, try not to travel.