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To protect the supply of water and slide pool water
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Every summer, it is the peak season for mobile waterpark. Customers who have already purchased and started to operate the mobile waterpark must have paid special attention to how to maintain the mobile waterpark

1, daily open before the response to the inflatable water slide and water treatment equipment to check to see whether the slide exposed sharp edges, sharp corners, burrs, water leakage. Water treatment equipment is functioning properly, to ensure the supply of water and slide pool water.

2, on the loose connector to be regularly checked and fastened.

3, the bearing member, the stress concentration should be regularly checked, the structure of the existence of cracks and deformation, etc., in order to promptly replaced.

4, regular inspection of the swimming pool pool surface quality, found cracking, missing pieces, shedding phenomenon should be promptly repaired.

5, with a pool of underwater lights to regularly check the degree of insulation of underwater lights meet the requirements.

6, the slide during the non-use of plastic sheeting or cloth covered to prevent ultraviolet radiation aging, fading, cracks, etc .; cracked slides slot should be repaired, if necessary, replace the slide interface is not smooth, not smooth, down Boss leakage should be promptly handled.

7, metal frame surface paint during non-use should be checked whether the faded discoloration, if peeled, off should paint (or spray) to prevent metal surface corrosion, affect the appearance and strength.

8, regularly organize water park paradise year, quarter, month, holiday and pre-peak season of inspection and maintenance. Including inflatable water slides, swimming pools, lighting systems, water treatment equipment, so that the entire play system meets the regulatory requirements.