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The attraction and the fun are very high
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Recently, a lot of inflatable water park is interested in this product is not familiar with customers ask, inflatable water park is what product portfolio. We all answered them patiently. In fact, inflatable water park is a very simple filling, and will not be like our first thought to the traditional water park that complex scene. There are people who know the inflatable products are known, inflatable products are made of PVC or TPU materials, and then through the fan inflatable forming, showing a wide range of product appearance and functional characteristics. Then our inflatable water park products are also composed of the products, the biggest feature is the free combination (usually by: Inflatable slide, inflatable pool or stent pool, water trampoline, inflatable boat, water seesaw, water on the iceberg, water walking ball, water drum, water, such as combination of customs clearance). If the inflatable water Park detailed distinction, can be divided into the following types.

1. Basic type

By an inflatable pool or a stent pool, equipped with inflatable boat or some other small pieces of water toys, you can set up a basic inflatable water park, the advantage is that the cost of investment is not high, the site requirements are low, just a suitable size and easy to use the site can be combined operation.

2. Applicable type

By an inflatable pool or bracket pool, an inflatable slide, a water jump bed, a seesaw, you can set up a suitable inflatable water park, in addition to the basis of the advantages of the foundation, the applicable due to play more, plus can be arbitrary matching a unique feature of the slide, attractiveness and fun are extremely high. This type of application has a high proportion of the market share of the inflatable water park.

3. Theme Type

is generally the manufacturer with a theme style design and production of products, combination of configuration and applicable inflatable water park has the same place. However, the theme developed inflatable water park appearance and features more prominent, entertaining and attractive to the players is more powerful.

4. Super Large

is generally by a number of applicable inflatable water park free combination, forming a larger scale of the water park. The cost of this investment is large, but the rate of return is considerable.