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The appearance of the image, is very good for children's toys
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Large Inflatable Toys:

Such toys are large in size, mainly in parks or shopping malls, such as: Naughty fort, Casino, inflatable castle, inflatable arches, large inflatable advertising model.

Cartoon Gas Model Toys:

This type of inflatable toys for the appearance of cartoon image, product profile, appearance, is a good children's toys, advertising model.

Small Inflatable Toys:

Such inflatable toys are small in size, diverse in appearance, colorful and interesting, and are loved by children, such as inflatable small animals, swimming rings, inflatable dolls and so on.

Leisure Inflatable Home:

High-strength environmental protection PVC material, inflatable mattress, inflatable sofa, outdoor inflatable bed, etc.

Inflatable toys on Water:

Such inflatable toys are mainly used in water, such as the rolling ball in the park, yo-yo, swimming ring, inflatable boat, is the best summer leisure and entertainment water inflatable toys.

Small toys with soft, resilient and lovely features, large inflatable toys safe and exciting, and interesting, water inflatable toys is very fun.

It is a variety of characteristics of inflatable toys, let more people accept, and inseparable from it; the development of outdoor large toys has driven the development of large inflatable toys to a certain extent, and the development of membrane technology of the outer raw materials of inflatable toys, the extensive use of PVC materials, also effectively promote the development of poly toy industry, Therefore, inflatable toys keep a good development speed.

In addition to making inflatable toys, the concept of inflatable toys can also be used for outdoor sporting goods, travel supplies, such as inflatable sofas, inflatable pillows, inflatable bed, inflatable mattress and so on. Cartoon-shaped inflatable sofa, popular with children.

Inflatable bed is not only suitable for home life, in the outing, home to guests temporary bed, office overtime, often to move migrant workers, students dormitory, sauna, shops and so can be used, for everyone to bring very large convenience.

Inflatable bed uses the air all-pervasive characteristic, sleeps when the human body and the sleeping bed hundred cent tallies, the person body each part evenly to be subjected to the force, thus overcomes the traditional bed because of the force not to bring the blood circulation obstacle, in the foreign air bed also name health bed. Air-filled beds are much more convenient. Usually flexible collection standby, an inflatable is an advanced bed, as a guest bed, temporary open the bed, want to open on, do not open the gas plug drawer.