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Safe, reliable, easy to manage, size can be small
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Inflatable castle is made by the scientific three-dimensional combination of inflatable forming, using super strong waterproof cloth, each inflatable only need 10 minutes, safe and reliable, simple management, size can be small, whether in the park or in the street square or community road, as long as a dozens of square meters of open space can be operated, can operate at any time mobile operations. Because of the cute shape, fashionable, colorful, hundred play is not greasy, well received by children and buyers welcome. Inflatable Castle is a place for children to play, to ensure that safety is necessary, in the maintenance and maintenance of the buyer is the first need to learn knowledge, below we will learn from three aspects of inflatable castle such inflatable products good maintenance knowledge.

First, scientific use, to ensure safety. Inflatable castle in the installation to avoid the air in the branches, communication cables, such as iron hook sharp objects and uneven sites and fire and other dangerous factors, lest the equipment inadvertently damage to create security risks, resulting in irreparable damage. Reasonable arrangement of inflatable castle at the same time the number of users, the general toy 3 square meters of a child, the number of words more crowded easily lead to safety accidents. In case of wind, rain, snow, fog, hail and other weather, equipment is strictly prohibited outside use, to reduce accidents occurred.

Second, cut off the power supply, folding and strapping. Inflatable castle when not in use first cut off the power, with a half dry towel to clean the surface of the toy, after drying open the fan interface and exhaust port, after the gas, fold it up, folded to use the bottom side to stop the front, and then cover it with tarpaulin, pay attention to moisture, anti-corrosion and rodent bite, keep cool and clean place.

Third, keep dry, do not damp. Inflatable Castle This kind of products and gas mold fan in custody must be placed in the dry ventilated place to save, in custody to check the state of the equipment often if not water, in the case can not be discharged, should immediately put to dry ventilated place to dry until the steam drying, damp easy to corrode the cloth of inflatable toys, shorten the life of inflatable toys, Cause a lot of security risks.

Nip in the bud, safety is greater than days, buyers must learn the maintenance and maintenance of inflatable products knowledge, early warning, do a good job of prevention and hidden trouble, safe operation, happy to make money.