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Product light weight, easy to carry, easy to cast
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Product light weight, easy to carry, easy to cast. Gas mode is a new type of propaganda media introduced from abroad in the middle of the 80 's. Its predecessor was said to be likely to come from a large number of cartoons and cartoons produced in the United States. It was a new advertising medium that appeared in China in the the mid 1990s, and its biggest feature was the hype. In the establishment of brand and promotional process has an irreplaceable role in advertising, easy to form a grand lively activity scene. Its appearance, enlarge people to the product of infinite imagination, arouse people's curiosity, tease people's shopping desire, through the display image lifelike, tall vivid modelling, bring people strong visual impact and relaxed happy atmosphere, deepen people to product image and brand understanding, play a better publicity effect.

1, Arch Open, the above sundry banners and plastic paper removed, in accordance with the requirements of the arches, so you can go on the electricity to work

2, the arch of sufficient gas can be hung, the trick is to find the banner center of the Arch Center, to avoid hanging on the side. When hanging banners with ropes, pay attention to the straight line of the hanging rope perpendicular to the banner, tighten the loose, such hanging banner can be exhibition.

3, banner hanging, finishing large pull rope, two people put the arch legs in place, the legs fixed can be pulled up arches. Adjust the position properly, you can fix the big rope, but also pay attention to the fan can not power off, or the work in front of the white do. Pull the rope fixed position as far as possible to avoid the car and people many places, do not drag on the road.

4, the Arch leg fixed good, one leg has three fixed points. Basically it's OK.

5, the rest is careful to live, the air blower into the air to straighten out, the Plug and the plug board with tape wrapped. Put the cable on one side and arrange it.