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Cold resistance, heat resistance, non-toxic, harmless
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Inflatable bubble house can be called as an inflatable tent, just like the general self-made outdoor tents up. Only this tent is inflatable type, but also a transparent tent, which can also put the bed, air conditioning. Did you find it amazing?

One can enjoy outside view in the tent, enjoy quiet and colorful life, in a bubble room, put a rocking chair quiet environment, music, no one to disturb, enjoy the weekend or rest at ease life. As people's economic power increases, everyone pays more attention to their spiritual pursuit. At weekends, many people will choose to go to the village or farmer's house to enjoy the beautiful life brought by nature. Or they may be fishing at a lake or fishing in the lake. Convenient bubble house, just inflated to use.

Now the bubble house is also relatively high in commercial use, there are many people did not pay attention to this product, so very curious about this product. The material used in bubble house is double-sided PVC coating, with very high tensile strength, tear strength, adhesion, cold resistance, heat resistance, non-toxic, harmless, lightweight, easy to carry, and can Realize the "warm winter and cool", is a breathable, all-weather rain sunscreen, warm and beautiful features such as all-round outdoor living experience in one.