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Characteristics of PVC/ wood flour composite micro foaming new material
- Oct 09, 2018 -

Its characteristics are as follows: 1. The water absorption of the waterproof wood is as high as 8-10%. But after surface treatment, a layer of polymer film is formed on the surface of the wood flour. At the same time, the wood flour is also tightly coated by the polymer material. The test results show that the water absorption of the material is less than 2%, which has a certain waterproof performance. 2. The flame retardancy of PVC is related to the molecular structure of PVC, because the content of chlorine in PVC molecular structure is as high as 56%, and chlorine itself has the function of self-extinguishing from fire, usually the oxygen index of the material is as high as 35 or more. 3. Good mildew resistance because wood flour after surface treatment, while being coated by polymer materials, lack of mildew breeding environment. At the same time, during the processing of wood flour, the surface adsorbs the mould inhibitor, and also improves the mould proof performance of the product. 4. Wood texture is strong because the content of wood flour in this material can reach 30-50%. At the same time, through micro-foaming, the density of the product can be controlled between 0.6-1.0 g/cm, very close to the density of the wood, the internal structure is relatively loose, with a natural woodiness. Various colors and shapes can be adjusted to avoid color difference annoyance. 5. Strong practicability with all the safety properties of solid wood: nail, planer and paint-free. Especially suitable for large-scale and factory rapid decoration, quick and convenient. 6. Corrosion Resistance: Wood flour itself has poor corrosion resistance, but after being coated by polymer materials, because PVC itself has a good acid-base inertia, so this material has a good corrosion resistance. 7, electrical insulation performance is good.