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A new media: inflatable advertising model
- Oct 11, 2018 -

According to different shapes and characteristics, gas molds can be divided into the following categories: product simulation model: according to the physical enlargement several times, the effect is more realistic, reproducing the real perfect feeling of the product. Mascot and cartoon image model: According to the needs of customers, the product model can be combined with mascot and cartoon image. This kind of model has been adopted by many merchants because of its vivid image, friendly and lovely and dynamic characteristics. It can give people a sense of vitality, is very eye-catching, can let the public in a subtle acceptance of a product. Active Puppet: This is a cartoon image of a mobile advertising character that allows people to operate internally. If such media are used in promotional activities and in presenting promotional materials, the distance between merchants and consumers can be greatly shortened, and the happy atmosphere it creates will remain in people's memory for a long time. Inflatable toys: This kind of toy used to be the ideal operating equipment for all kinds of amusement places. In recent years, it has become an alternative advertising product selected by businesses during the opening ceremony, anniversary celebration and commodity promotion process. It has rich shapes and various game contents, which can let people participate in activities while reflecting its advertising effect. Can be sprayed on toys arbitrarily, paste advertising content, and because of its easy installation, good mobility, small storage volume and reasonable price favored by merchants.