Inflatable Sport Games

  • Simple Inflatable Trampoline

    Simple Inflatable Trampoline

    Simple inflatable trampoline is an air filled entertainment facility with Castle characteristics. It is made of PVC fabric with friendly and soft environment. In the sealed state, the product is maintained by continuous supply of blowers. Provide happiness for children....Read More
  • Surfing With Life Jacket

    Surfing With Life Jacket

    This is the SPORTSSTUFF Sumo Tube, a $180 inflatable tube you can wear to bodysurf, get towed behind a boat, or be stabbed and dumped overboard to chum the water for sharks. It also looks like a great way to be held underwater and drown if you put it on wrong like my mom...Read More
  • Inflatable Fighting Field

    Inflatable Fighting Field

    Practice Sanda can use inflatable boxing column, to practice their own boxing and leg method. The inflatable boxing column is more suitable for indoor venues, which solves some training problems that can not hang sandbags in venues. The inflatable boxing column has a smooth...Read More
  • Inflatable point air cushion

    Inflatable point air cushion

    After inflating, the air mattress can be used for sports, tourism, field camping, and tent matching. In physical education or sports competitions, many times because there is not enough space for sit-ups or high jump competitions, the facilities need to be temporarily...Read More
  • Closed Inflatable Tent

    Closed Inflatable Tent

    Inflatable tent belongs to a kind of tent, mainly used for damp-proof, waterproof, windproof, dust-proof, sunscreen, emergency relief, field short-term training, field short-term operations. The tent adopts the air column frame form, the air bag adopts the air-tight PVC...Read More
  • Inflatable Rollers

    Inflatable Rollers

    Water drum, also known as inflatable drum, is one of the most popular leisure sports around the world. The product is environmentally friendly, safe and non-toxic, with beautiful overall color. Simple operation, not only can exercise the player's physical coordination and...Read More
  • Inflatable Billiard Table

    Inflatable Billiard Table

    1. Project innovation, refreshing: through a variety of special and innovative equipment, make the participating groups feel fresh, bring more enjoyment for both visual and auditory, but also allow participants to participate in the project more involved; 2. Novelty and...Read More
  • Inflatable Body Bumper Ball

    Inflatable Body Bumper Ball

    inflatable body bumper ball (the product uses environmentally friendly, high elastic transparent materials, increased safety straps and auxiliary handles. And the product consists of a number of air compartments, thereby increasing the safety of visitors, ergonomic design,...Read More
  • Inflatable Volleyball Frame

    Inflatable Volleyball Frame

    The net for beach volleyball matches is set at a height of 2.43 meters for men and 2.24 meters for women. The net is 8.50 meters long, 1 meters wide (3 centimeters), and the diameter of the mesh is 10 centimeters. There are two 5-8 cm wide and 1-meter long color bands on the...Read More
  • Huge Inflatable Bowling Pins

    Huge Inflatable Bowling Pins

    Manufacturers supply inflatable bowling bottles, inflatable bowling bottles, inflatable bowling product description information may not be detailed and comprehensive, if you need to know more about the manufacturer supply inflatable bowling bottles, inflatable bowling...Read More
  • Inflatable Sticky Wall

    Inflatable Sticky Wall

    The inflatable stick wall suitable for children and adults to play, is a new type of game Nature of the event: team events: competition methods: wearing magic clothes athletes on the run-up mat to prepare, after hearing the referee's starting password, arbitrary run-up,...Read More
  • Inflatable Train Christmas

    Inflatable Train Christmas

    Christmas inflatable train is a suitable toy for children to play, Christmas is coming, Christmas train layout in the mall, can attract many children to play, low cost, high safety factor, is a good choiceRead More
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